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Early signs of a tree

The next couple of pictures shows how the initial sprout starts revealing what will ultimately become the Monkey Puzzle tree. The below pictures are from three different seeds 3-4 weeks after germination, during the time span of a few days. From the three different seeds you can see how differently they develop even at this early stage.

If anybody knows the botanical name of this phase, please advise!

====Plant 1:====

====Plant 2:====

====Plant 3:====


The next stage – the sprout

At this stage the established seeds shall be left planted and undisturbed. Shortly the roots will start growing lateral “branches”. Disturbing the root at this stage could cause the plant to die. For more (general) details on the initial development stages of a seed see this link.

The following pictures show the planted seed as it continues developing. In this post I’ll show some picuters as the first signs of what will become the monkey puzzle tree emerge. I am not sure it the right term is hypocotyl, but will assume this is the correct term for now. The first image shows the prout clearly splitting up into two bits. These are still connected to the seed in one end, and onto the rood on the other.

The sprout is splitting up

The next images shows how the plant develops under normal growth:

The sprount is splitting

A closeup of same.

And a final picture.

In the next post we shall follow this in more detail. Who said watching paint dry was boring??

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