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After a few days in soil a healthy seed will germinate. Below are examples of what this looks like.

The first phonto shows the first visible sign of germination. The white tab is the beginning of what will become the root.

Germination - day 1

The next image shows a close-up of the same seed:

Close-up of first day of Germination

A day later it may look like this:

Germination - Day 2

And after yet another day like this:

Germination - Day 3

Germination - Day 3

As you can see, once germination has started growth is fast. Even at this point you may want to re-plant the seed in a bigger pot. If you lift the seeds up from the soil to look at the root, do so with care. The roots are sensitive and may be destroyed by much movement or exposure.

Give it a few more days and the roots will develop further. More pictures from this in the next blog entry.