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Withering monkey puzzles

Despite keeping monkey puzzle seeds and plants in a good shape, things can still go wrong. This can be the case even when everything looks fine and even after a healthy root and event tree has started growing. Below you will see three examples where this has happened. The reason for the failures can be several, such as: too little water, too much water, too cold, too early disconnection from the seed, disturbed/damaged roots, outright snapped roots and generally just bad specimens I suspect.

There has been much death and decay in the last two blog entries. I promise that the next one will be more up-beat.

Example 1: Broken connection to the seed

The root has dried up a bit so not easy to see what has happened. The main point is that the root had grown quite long and  and by accidentone of the connections to the see

Above you can clearly see the broken connection and this caused the root to wither.


Example 2: Broken root

In the below pictures you will only see a dried up Monkey Puzzle tree. From the start the sprout of this tree looked different compared to other samples. So this may never have been a good specimen. However, I did notice that the tip of the root was protruding from a hole in the bottom of the plastic flower pot. This seems to have damaged the root and preventing it from growing further. End result: dead tree. To prove the point that his was a healthy one, I will show two older pictures first.


Example 3: Cause unknown

In this third and final example the cause of death is less certain. The main reason being that it was given away for somebody else to safeguard. The problem may have been that the plant broke from the root, or it may have dried up. In any case, pictures as follows: