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The seeds that didn’t make it

Although a large number seeds from the October/November 2011 batch germinated and grew into infant monkey puzzle trees, quite a few of them did not survive.

Out of approximatelly 24 seeds in total, 8 had not developed into anything after 2 – 2.5 months. Four of them did not seem to react at all. Three showd clear signs of a seed that drew a lot of water and started growing, however no root established itself. This could be because the root suffered from too much water and rotted. The remaining seed had developed a root, but the tip of the root was damaged. The plant was therefore not able to draw water and nutrients from the soil and stopped growing.

As the seeds remained in the soil for so long they showed signs of rotting and getting attacked by insects.

Less than two weeks ago a seed did indeed germinate, so some of the seeds could potentially develop into something. However, we will now focus on the ones that got past the first stage.

Below are some pictures of the seeds that failed and have now been discarded.