Root 2.0

Ok, so the seed has finally germinated and the root is growing. What then? As I have mentioned earlier the root can easily be damaged. However in the name of science I have exposed the roots in order to display them here. This is best done by using a pointy object to loosen up the soil around the root. As long as it is still relatively young (and the root has not branched out) it is possible to pull the whole thing up to have a closer look:

14 days old


For sake of comparison of scale I have brought back the good old match stick. As you can see the top part is turning green. It is also slightly thinker just beneath the seed. This is what will become the base of the trunk – in due course.

The next example is another seed, approximately 14 days after initial signs of germination. You will see it has also started turning green but the root is shorter than in the previous example.

Another seed, approximately 14 days old



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