In the beginning – seeds

This entry marks the beginning of a journey towards growing the perfect Monkey Puzzle Tree.

Over time I will blog about developments in the lives of these most fascinating trees.

This first entry focuses on the seeds. Seeds become available in the autumn and the ones depicted here were found in Bergen, Norway in October 2011, on the west side of the city centre. The trees themselvels are propbably over 100 years old and thrive in the wet and windy Atlantic climate.

Newly acquired seeds

A very helpful website providing useful information for how to succeed germinating the seeds is found at a blog called “Cherish our Earth” and can be accessed here. Based on advice found here the seeds are put in water for two days. Some float and some sink, the idea being that the ones sinking are the healthy ones with the greatest chance of surviving.

The water test

Immediately thereafter seeds are put in trays of moist soil. Plant the seeds with the pointy end of the seed down. You can plant the whole seed with the shell, or you can remove the outser shell and expose the seed. I find that both methods work fine.

The seed tray


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  1. Posted by kristian on Sunday, 13 November 2011 at 19:16

    excellent blog and monkey puzzle resource.


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