Araucaria Araucana – The Monkey Puzzle Tree

A blog that follows the development of the Araucaria Araucana – The Monkey Puzzle Tree (Norwegian: Apenes skrekk, French: désespoir des singes), from seed to tree.


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  1. Posted by myrrh1 on Sunday, 8 April 2012 at 18:57

    Hello, I started 10 Monkey Puzzle trees from sprouted seed and got 8 tree seedlings, I’ve given two away. It’s the 3rd year and last year of the 6 left 5 of them have started to go very grown (or die I guess) at the tip. I put them all in the coldframe last winter and this spring 1 was completely dead (they are all about 6-7″ inches high). 4 more have brown tips and only 1 is still good although the very very tips of the leaves are going brown. They appear very healthy until this happens? Any ideas? Is it possible that they don’t like direct sunlight at this age? Too much water? Can’t be too little water because I haven’t let them dry out completely. thanks for your help. Marie


  2. Posted by myrrh1 on Sunday, 8 April 2012 at 19:00

    I started 10 monkey puzzle sprouts and got 8 great little trees – gave 2 away and of the 6 left one has now died (third-year) over winter. They have all started (except one) to get brown (die) at the tip. The one that died over winter was the first to start tip die-off. Can this happen from too much water – or too much direct sunlight? Appreciate any guideance. They were incredibly stout healthy little seedlings – looked think and georgeous…so sad – one hasn’t started to go completely brown yet but the very tips of the top section are gold-brown now! thanks. Marie Vancouver Island, British Columbia.


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